Iphone 4 VS Galaxy S

which one is better ? Iphone 4 or Galaxy S?

iphone 4…better resale value.


I am using Galaxy S, and my friend is using Iphone4, if you are thinking of resell your phone, then i would like to suggest you to buy iphone 4, but if you are interesting to keep upgrade your handphone then i think Galaxy S is very nice, bcos you can update your phone and software all the way and that is free. If you need any infor just pm me…thanks

So is iPhone 4. All iPhones from the 1st model until the current iPhone 4 are all upgradable and all free. If people charge you for any of those upgrade then you are being conned. Don’t confuse iPhone with iPod touch.

but most of Iphone 3 user will change the mindset! either upgrade to Iphone 4 or Galaxy Tab!!!

if you care about resell value then iphone 4. others will be your own perference. I personally. dont like iOS. But that doesnt mean it’s a bad phone.

In terms of customization, galaxy s wins hands down.

Best is to have all good models at home. :mrgreen:

errrrmmmmmmm…wait iphone5 come out soon & wait Galaxy S2 come out

I’m an android user, having an Htc Desire… Android gives u free feeling, you can customize ur phone anyway u want it to be, unlike iphone, i use to hate Iphone (not because they sux, but i just don like them), they’re expensive and selfish (cause not open source like android ma XD) but then, as those iphone packages from Digi, Maxis & Celcom, their line is so much cheaper, always 3G connection with a limit of free voice call!!! but not for android phone, how unfair!!! if you want to choose between those 2 phone, i think getting to touch them is important, because both phone is good…
Here are some info about the comparison:

Iphone 4 VS Samsung Galaxy S Youtube review:

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http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i9000_g … ew-500.php
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before that, u should read this:

http://gizmodo.com/#!5751435/why-you-sh … et-updated

I expect my desire to shave in the next update!!! XD


I would recommend Nexus S or HTC Desire HD,Samsung Galaxy doesn’t even had flash…

Miri where can get nexus s?

galaxy s > iphone4

Have a question regarding price. I just came back from Mega Mall and saw that the Galaxy S more expensive than iphone 4! Is this correct?

Maybe its a clone iPhone 4? Or a used unit?

Im torn between Samsung Captivate(a.k.a. Galaxy S) AT&T RM1.4k and the HTC Desire(RM1.4-1.5K) AP Set.