Iphone 4 32GB Complete Set - SOLD

1 unit used 32GB Iphone 4 black for sell. Item in 90% new condition and protected by both side screen protector since day 1. Home button superb condition. Item in full set as per attachments. Price RM1450 slightly nego. Please PM me and left your number and we nego about it. Thanks.

U want sell ?

Yes but this one sold now got another unit RM1430

do you still have warranty left for it? :smiley:

Sorry no more warrenty but I am still using and in superb condition. 7 days warrenty given after sold. TQ

pm me at 0146813210.tq :slight_smile: your best price k.considering that you don’t have any more warranty for it :slight_smile:

Bro Mic1211, I am not able to PM you don’t know what happen…yes is black colour

Nett price please. Serious buyer. Still got warranty? Which Telco set?

RM1380…7 days warrenty as I am still using now and no problem at all…

do you have iphone with 8/16gb only?

Want to swap with s2 white just a month old…

Hi I do have from time to time. If you want can PM me your number and by next week I got it I call you. Is Iphone 4 16gb black thanks

Hi bro, can’t make it if swap with S2 sorry coz the price range kind of different.

pm me the price…serious buyer here

pm me…i wan it! tq…

im interested…contact num pls…

i wish to take it pls…pm me thx…

still for sale? what’s the best price? iphone 5 coming out soon :slight_smile:

pm me ur best price if still available .

whats the best price?? contact me for fast deal