Ipad mini 16gb cellular + wifi. price revised

Item(s): ipad mini 16gb 4g

Package includes: box and charger

Price: lowered to 700 with new lightning cable or 600 with old lightning cable (still functioning but not so handsome due of my frequent travel)

Warranty: nope nope nope

Dealing method: cod if possible. postage can areange

Location of seller: miri

Contact method/details: PM, 0172371861 whatsapp, wechat

Age of item: 1++ year

Item(s) conditions: 7/10. got some scratch from accident

Picture: [attachment=3]IMG-20140703-00253.jpg[/attachment]

Bro…yours is the A5 processor or A7 retina display??

the A5 processor

btw i dont know how to check


I see the 9Gag app on your iPad…i am interested.


sorry… sold already…

btw, your last post makes my day…