iOS 7

Anyone downloading? Error or successfully update?

officialed? … ad-it-here

Yes you can download it. heheheheheh

Just like before, fail first 50x and finally its done.
IOS7- Not bad a lil bit ‘Girlie’.ehehehe

I saw friend updating her iPhone 4S to iOS 7 with no problem. She thinks icon looks nicer.

have yet to update my ipadmini to ios7. 1.1GB. Need to go back home download. office line too slow :stuck_out_tongue:

Prettier n Work fine…

sucessful with 4s for me, but iOS7 use 3GB++ of your phone storage. Download error or fail cause too many ppl download in the same time.

updated my mini yesterday… no problem…seems ok…

4 4s on ios7 no problem here

Me too, iPhone 4 & 4s both no problem.
Safari better design now, spotlight in better place and few improvement serve me better now… BUT!.. It’s slow on iPhone 4! 4s ok.

Updated yesterday for my ipad2…so far so good…feels like android…