Intra Juice - A Miracle Herbs Juice from Lifestyles

Hi Mirian,

I really recommend you to try this Herbs Juice-Intra Juice. Really miracle juice just about 1 oz a day.

Intra is an exclusive and proprietary blend of 23 botanical extracts designed to support, balance and strengthen the eight biological systems of the body. It has been specially formulated to include powerful yet safe and effective levels of each botanical extract to help maximize and improve your health and well-being.

23 ancient botanical extracts
Proprietary formula exclusive to Lifestyles
Powerful herbs cherished and used as age-old medicines for thousands of years
Boost your bodys systems to increase energy and vitality
Improves health and wellness
Suitable for all ages
No side effects
Can be taken daily
Certified pesticide-free

…Have 1 bottle for you please contract Olle :stuck_out_tongue: at 0198608809/0138138303 Miri
Also KUala Belait and Seria can contact me at +673 8962868

Four actions in one drink juice intra.

  1. Throw Toxin
  2. Increase Nutrient
  3. Build damaged cell grow again
  4. Strengthen Immunization System.

Who produces Intra Herbal Drink Juice?

Canada’s country produces this product in line with GMP’s standards and HACCP for sanitation, purity and security. Over 37 countries market this product. Combine west and east technology also applies Islamic tradition and Chinese medicine to produce this product. There were 23 natural types of herbs (explain later) from deluxe concentrate. Canada’s country also bottles this product.

An illness can be cured through potable Intra Herbal Drink Juice by all users.

Vaginal Infection / Whiteness
Joint Pain / Swollen Knee
Rigor / Iguana Knot
Impotence / Less Passionate
Arthritic Bone
Rough Bark / acne
Ill intestine
Bloated Stomach
Difficulty breathing
Cough and nasal stuffiness
Downward Fertility
Tumor / cancer / abnormal Growth
Weak / fatigue
Food poisoning
Allergy / Allergic seafood
Child in produce unhealthy
Hormone imbalance
Limb cold
Wind install
Difficult to get child
Difficult to sleep
Ill Coral
Hoarse voice
Sore throat
Rot bone / easy broke
Slow movement
Easy emotional / easy to get anger
Menstruation rotation no timely
Difficult remember education
Less focused on education
High cholesterol
High blood pressure / low blood
Often pass nocturnally
Always flu
Blood problem
Hepatitis A / B / C
Gastric / Sinus
Headache / Migraine
Kidney Disease
Constipated / Diarrhea / Pile
Diabetes / high blood
Less hearing force
Lack of sight
Vague/always withdraw tear

Take and start to consume 1 bottle for you now,;
Have 1 bottle for you please contract Olle at 0198608809/0138138303 Miri
Also KUala Belait and Seria can contact me at +673 8962868