Internship in miri

I’m looking for an internship in miri for summer holiday which is around 3 months. i wanna know which companies in miri offers internship besides Shell. i have only completed first year. Anyone knows? plz help…=p :stuck_out_tongue:

Which area of internship are you talking about. Cooking? Hotel Management? Accountancy? etc

Process/chemical engineering

Dayang, Shin Yang Plywood…

Oh, but u had just completed first year; i think it’s abit too early for internship now eh. Higher priority are given for those in third year. Some of my friends trained after second year thou.

First year no need think about internship. They won’t accept it. If you are from Curtin, you need minimum until 3rd year then can do internship

It is quite true that it is difficult to get intern on 1st year. Just go and enjoy yourself. If you are studying oversea, find a job during summer so that you can tour around. If you are studying local, get a temp teaching job to pass your time.

I’m in my third year in electronics engineering…anyone suggestions on internship places?

Ana Chan, you can try wehaya…they do instrumentation and control works for Shell and PETRONAS.

Try BJ Services, Halliburton, Nippon Oil

what bout ur company? can go to Oman…hehehe

Thanks! will try to apply to those companies :slight_smile:

For process engineering, you can try Hyperwave. They do process monitoring project. They have offices in Miri and KL. Talk to the Manager called Perry Tan.

she want in miri la… if she want in oman why not kan…??? give it a try…

hello guys… wat bout internship for mechanical engineers? im currently in second year and reli hope to apply internship at my hometown… :slight_smile:

lols me not engineering 1 any job in oil and gas industry?

i heard nippon oil is recruiting for internship but dunno wether is closed yet or not~

hi…i’m looking for internship in miri too, currently studyin chemical engineering. interested in oil and gas company, environmental company or food industry(if there is) . ANyone got any suggestion? i have tried asking around but most of them do not accept internship atm…e.g. halliiburton, chemsain, ERM, weatherford, bakerhughes(only for local uni), and some are have no more places available

Hey all,

I’m currently taking geology in curtin university. I’ve been wanting to do internship in oil and gas company in Miri but I dont know to whom I have to submit my CV. I want to specifically doing my intern in Miri in company such as Nippon Miri, Petronas SKO Miri or RNZ Miri etc. The thing is im afraid if i apply generally from their website i’ll be placed in peninsular, it’s not convenient for me. So, do you guys have specific email of HR from these Miri based companies. Thank you