Internet Marketing & Personal Development Events

Over the past 2-3 months, I have been
traveling to and from Singapore to attend
various seminar and events on internet
marketing and personal development.

Some of them are like:-

I am bringing these kind of events to Miri
in the near future and aiming to boost the
whole internet marketing industry over
here in Miri.

I can get many top speakers from nearby
places like Singapore and West Malaysia
to come and do presentations and offer
special courses for those who wanna learn
to market through the internet.

Not only that, I will not charge a high fee
to make it affordable for everyone. Not
everything have to talk about money right?

My vision is to help as many people as
possible start their online business and
make a consistent USD$5k per month
in the next 12-24 months… Which is
possible you know…

You just need the right information and
application on that knowledge.

For those in support of this movement
in our beloved hometown Miri please reply
to this post and I will get to you all and
discuss about this matter. I want to make
this vision of mine happen asap and
couldn’t be happier to see fellow Mirians
making it big online!

Please I am serious so do not post sarcastic
and criticizing comments ok. If you don’t like
this post, do everyone a favour and just don’t
waste your precious time to post ok.

Make yourself a drink or something. Get
yourself busy. Buy yourself a dog maybe…

Just don’t ruin my post… Thanks for your cooperation…

To Your Online Success,


as an IT person, i will support u!! :slight_smile:

actually i joined one of the seminar back in australia, about internet marketing… quite cool… a lot of freebies… free lunch somemore…

Yes it is cool…

I like the feeling of meeting new people
and expanding your network at these kind
of events…

You know, 90% of business successes are
based on good relationships built over a
period of time, either with customers or
business partners and associates…

Plus, when you work as a team you can
leverage on each other to achieve greater

As they say “Teamwork Takes Dream Work”

If not mistaken you’re talking about “World
Internet Summit” beginning this year at
Perth right? Or was it Melbourne…

Not only that, I am also looking for
partners to work as a team in ensuring
this vision of mine is a success…

I’m looking for like-minded individuals
who like going places, love making money
over the internet and meeting people
from all around the world etc…

Organizing events, gatherings and weekly
workshops to help our make money online
community around Miri create wealth from
the internet as efficient as possible…

Anyone who feels they are in this unique
category feel free to contact me and we’ll
chat asap…

how to support you? wat should we do?

Have PMed you devil…

Let me know what you think?

Cool eh?

eh i oso wan to get into this more detail. Sorry for my previous absence. been busy with work and life. When you can drop me a pm or arrange a time we can meet to converse more detail. thanks

No problem, I have PMed you about it…

Can also email me anytime at:-

samuel [at]

to arrange to meet up or what…

internet is the big pie, probably it should b the way , hmm wondering

saf, r u interested?? coz i am still don reali understand wat are we doing… sori ya

The internet is indeed a BIG BIG pie…

Check out this thread to see the

I know, I was confused myself when I just
got started…

But after some determination and willingness
to learn and see and ask, I now shall say I’m
alright with this… Not an expert though,
maybe halfway there already :0

It is a good idea. You can do a lot of marketing through internet, just that a lot of people don’t know how to start with it and to maintain it. I agree on you mate.

Thank you, through my experience I am
seeing the internet marketing community
growing at top speed in Singapore and
West Malaysia. Not to forget USA and UK.

I just don’t wanna miss out the fun
that’s all… As I said with the internet,
the possibilities are endless…

We can be the hub to Sabah, Sarawak
and Brunei. I am thinking this far… My
vision are always that big, but I can’t
do it myself.

You get to meet all sorts of people
from all around the world when you
market online…

Plus, the internet gives you lots and lots
of leverage. Just one click of a button and
you see sales coming in…

I also see many are not aware of this internet marketing
and still think all the programs online are scams…

It is wrong, and I wish to provide a different perspective
so fellow Mirians can start earning passive income from
the internet.

With just a little persistence and effort, you could be
earning a consistent RM20-30k from home 12 months
from now you know…

If you have a large budget and can hire people to do
the work for you, then I will also guarantee your success

We also teach people how to do that - Outsourcing

I’m looking forward for that samscc82. I think it will help me a lot in my business.

Thank you once again for your support,
you all will be notified when the project

Still in planning and gathering my partners.

I look forward to serve the community
too… Don’t want to let anyone down now…

care to share in detail what businesses are u guys talking about? just to get my views straight.

Basically just marketing on the internet…

There are a lot of of business models on
the internet:-

  • affiliate marketing
  • internet MLM
  • pay to read emails
  • marketing your own products (digital products or physical)
  • blogging for cash

and many more…

There are a lot of ways to make
money online, just have to do it in
order to get your views straight…