Internet Lease-Line Providers in Miri

Does anyone knows any company besides TMNET provides Internet Lease-Line for large organisation in Miri?Kindly do let me know…

Yah… please let me know too. And, please advise the fibre optic lines in Miri also.

i just got to know dat Maxis do provide Broadband internet Lease-Line/ dedicated line services. Check it out at … d_line.asp

How abt Mesh Hopper in Krokop? Are they doing this kind of thing?

Actually they wanted to do this but couldn’t get licensing for it or ran out of money. Their link was not that bad during the test but with some bugs. They were initially doing the link via vsat and streamyx.

in ICT expo i saw the internet connection only RM 77. what the provider ?

Thats the on-going Streamyx promotion. RM77 with Free modem. Its a 1MB line. Normal price without modem is RM88. Promo until 31 Dec 2007. U can register with me, i gv 1 month rebate.