International School in Miri

Sarawak plans hybrid school

MIRI: The Sarawak government and a British education group that specialises in international education have initiated plans to set up a hybrid international school in the state to cater both to local students and the rising number of foreign children here.

The hybrid international school, to be based in oil capital Miri, will have very special features: it will have 40% Malaysians and 60% foreign students and it will have classes from primary levels to upper secondary levels (pre-university levels).

Other international schools have a policy of 100% foreign students and cater only for primary schoolchildren.

Sarawak Assistant Minister for Infrastructure Development and Communications Lee Kim Shin, who held a series of intensive talks with the management of the Centre of British Education Trust to set up the school, said it would be named Borneo International School.

If approved by the Education Ministry, this hybrid international school here will be the first of its kind in the state.

The proposed site for the school is at the Sarawak Curtin University of Technology campus ground, said Lee, the state assemblyman for Senadin.

Sarawak has seen an increase in the number of expatriate families because of the current boom in the oil and gas industry, Lee said after meeting British Education Trust chairman John Howard.

There is now a greater demand for international education. The demand comes not only from expatriate families, but also from locals who want their children to be exposed to an international system of education.

Thus, we have devised this hybrid system. I hope it can start operating by early next year, Lee said.

What we want is to build a world-class prestigious international school in Miri that would be an asset to the state and country, Howard said.

However, important issues such as funding, the curriculum and the size of the school need to be sorted out first, he added. … sec=nation

Sunday March 23, 2008–>The date it was posted on thestar online

Good, can send my kids there, since it’s closer to home.