Interesting info on money & banknotes

I collect banknote, so far I have collected notes from 103 countries past & present, including countries that no longer exist like the USSR, with the oldest being from 1908. Here are some of the basic details which collectors will know, and perhaps, try to collect these specific note;

  1. The lowest denomination banknote ever issued is $0.01, many states issued it formerly, one of them is:

  1. The lowest denomination banknote currently in circulation is the Chinese Renmimbi $0.10:

  1. The highest denomination banknote ever issued is the Hungarian Pengo 1 quintillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,0000) in 1946

  1. The highest denomination banknote currently in circulation is the Vietnamese Dong 500,000

  1. The highest value banknote ever issued is the US$100K issued in the 1930s. This note currently valued at US$1.6 million

  1. The highest value banknotes currently in circulation are the $10K Brunei & Singapore dollars. They worth around US$6,650 and can ‘buy most things by itself’.

  1. The highest value currency is the Kuwaiti Dinar, at the moment 1 Dinar = US$3.5, though unlike other, 20 dinar is the largest denomination for the currency.

  1. The lowest value currency is the Somalia Shilling, where 1US$ = 28,250, it used to be Zimbabwe dollar at US$ = ZWD300 trillion but Zimbabwe keeps revaluing its currency by slashing the zeroes, it has slashed 29 zeroes thus far.

  1. The highest denomination banknote printed (with zeroes) is the Zimbabwe dollar $100 trillion in 2008, Zimbabwe as a country has collapsed economically, its government revenues for the year 2008 is a pitiful US$158,000. The Zimbabwe dollar is now suspended for a year.

Actually quite interesting :slight_smile:

damn it mevotex…u really never fail to surprise me…I wanted to start collecting notes too…but problem is finding a note keeper…cant seem to find them in local stores…lol

dont tell me to frame them coz i doubt i wud hv much leftover cash around…

mevo those notes are interesting …lols wish i own each of it.

i don’t think local stores here sell them too. a portion i bought from ebay, another i bought in other countries, a further some i acquired from people who urgently want fast cash, and willing to sell their dad or grandparent’s collection for it. some people think the older a note, the more valuable it is. but not necessary, it depends on the overall availability (rarity) of the note, plus other factors. for instance, i do not think this france 1790 $500 has much value for average collectors;

lol… not put contoh?

contoh or no contoh no difference la. money counterfeiting isn’t done by ordinary people like u n me, can’t possibly be done just by saving above pictures and print out. money counterfeiting organizations take the real note, study and research carefully, crack the serial number, then produce them.

wow… not bad… miri here got one? the 3rd floor of boulevard shopping complex… beside the post office…

icic… coz nt very sure with this kind of thing… haha :mrgreen: