Industrial training in Miri?

Good thing about intern they don’t get paid to work. :lol:

Tqvm! I had just made a call n will send my resume there tmrw

Some company give allowance.

[quote=“Ayah”]just try ur luck with nippon bcos i saw a lot of industrial in our office…

I called them already…they said the app for internshp close alrdy.n for cvil might be no project durin my internship.
Btw thanx for the suggestion.

If you dont mind to work as volunteering internship, you may try to ask Ranhill Worley. Just give it a try who knows they want you to help out in one of their big project and then you are proud to show your achievement in such a big company.

Ya im interested with ranhill,but i called last time n they said full already… Thanks for ur suggestion :slight_smile: