Include safety features in Kampung Pangkalan Lutong retaining wall cum pedestrian walk – Lee

Kampung Pangkalan Lutong waterfront.

Kampung Pangkalan Lutong waterfront.

MIRI: Mirians, particularly villagers in Kampung Pangkalan Lutong and nearby areas, are able to enjoy a walk and fishing along Lutong River with the completion of the riverbank retaining wall cum pedestrian walk.

Also included in the project is a landing for riverine fishermen from Kampung Pangkalan and nearby areas for their convenience and safety when going out and landing their boats and catch.

Assistant Minister for Tourism Datuk Lee Kim Shin during the inspection of the project yesterday however noted that the project didn’t include safety features – railing particularly along retaining walls and the boat landing.

“The retaining wall is not only to protect the riverbank from erosion but also part of waterfront and riverside beautification project for Kampung Pangkalan for recreational and leisure activities such as evening or morning walk and jogging, fishing and picnic among others,” said Lee.

In this context he urged Miri City Council to fix railing along the retaining wall for safety purposes.

“I believe that this will be another recreational area and able to generate income for the people through selling of food

and drinks and other things for those going to the waterfront. Therefore I urge the city council to also construct a few kiosks including a mini children playground.”

On the remaining part of the riverbank, around 45 metres long, Lee said due to insufficient fund the retaining wall cum pedestrian walk project would be carried out next year.