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Hi everyone, I’m new and this is my first posting here. Just dropping by here to gain some info from you guy who knows. Does anybody knows is there any Double Storey house (Semi-D or Terrace) is on sale either in Riam, Luak, Hilltop, Bumiko, Piasau or Pujut area? Please reply my post with likely pictures & details attached. Thanks Mirian! :o

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Riam got one on sell I saw.

a few in pujut also

Grace garden Yung Long development got many house for sale. welcome to Miri :slight_smile:

There are LOTS OF HOUSES FOR SALE in Miri now.

Hehe… just crapping… welcome to the forum…

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I have one house for sale at Da Sing Garden 2, Riam Road. It is a Single Storey Bungalow (newly renovated). Compound size is quite a reasonable size - around 14 points. Interested to view the house or the price please call me at 012-8785318 (or sms) as most of the time I put my mobile on silence. Or pls pm me at

Thank you.

Thanks for the welcoming and fast response from all of you guys. For those who had the pictures and price details for the house, would you pls send me a mail regarding this to my e-mail address Once again, thanks manshory, koko1710, coolman_wrx, SafBMyself and [-shane-]. Cheers! :smiley: