Impression of receving gifts frm stranger

What is your 1st impression when you receive any gifts from a stranger?? :smiley:

WOW … Mind start to wonder how is the person … or the secret admirer … :wink: :wink:

And start la syok sendiri … hi hi hi :lol: :lol:

Start getting suspicious and lab-test the gift for poison if it’s food and have a bomb squad handle if it’s a boxed gift.

i will try my best to know or find the person who give it…
mana lah tau, he put ‘guna-guna’ inside the box…eeee…

Depending on the value of the gift - valuable to me I keep, not valuable to me I kick.

Nah…Ladybird knows me better than that I would say “Yipeeeeee!!! Happy Birthday to me!!! More…more…give me more…more presents for me!” And then I’ll be singing to myself a “Happy Birthday” tune (even tho’ it’s not my b’day) and daydreaming for being showered with more presents!!! And Ladybird can take lots and lots of my happy face photo (you know how I love to pose) :wink:

I would be the happiest person on that day… But cant sleep at nite thinking about that person. And i know that the person would be on my mind until i’m dead. (wahh… banyak pahala orang itu…)


i will not accept it until I know who is the stranger who give me tat present.

Once I found it… then I will tell him/ her next time I would prefer cash so I could use it to buy something that I like…hehehe…this part jk la. upper part more serious… :wink:

I wud b like most of u 2…feeling happy rcving gifts frm stranger…u jst cant stop thinking wondering who wud d mystery person is… :smiley:

Yeahhh baby…well, u knw me… :wink:

Start 2 act as a mystery admirer 2 MadParadox & packin a mystery gift :lol:

Never had strangers giving me presents, so can;t comment…haha.

But if ada, probably think who is the person and give him or her a silent prayer of thanks.

surprise will be my first reaction then follow by skeptical…hehehe. i don’t usually receive a gift from anyone, wat more to say when receiving it from unknown source. i usually will put it aside first and try figure it out b4 opening it.

I lurve presents too…however…if it is a keeper…then it is a keeper…if it is something that rots away or edible…think twice before taking it.

ERM…IF its look so special…will keep it…and starting wondering whom send it to me…is it my secret admire…hehehe…but if it not special …kick it…but will still wondering who send it to me…

I will feel happy and :?: will keep thinking the present is from who…what for he/she give me present…talking alone :roll:

my birthday will be soon…jonvy u give me present la…then i will keep wondering which stranger give present to me…haha :roll:

sileast…where is the celcom booth in miri…huarghhhhh

Hart how about make a deal with me? Your birthday coming n xmas coming…u give me present and I give u present…wondering together la~~ Fun right? :lol: :wink:

what a good idea…fine for me…but how can i give it to you then…