Imperial City Mall Cinema Coming Soon

Another cinema give miri surprise? :slight_smile:

Opening Soon!! 20/12/2013 See You Guy There !! :smiley:

Isn’t that supposed to be the Tanjong Golden Village Cinemas :?:

TGV is Tanjong Golden Village -.-

oh yeah!

if not mistake… KLCC inside got TGV cinema. >"<

Only TGV have IMAX which is available in Sunway Pyramid & One Utama…I hope that they can bring the IMAX to Miri also…it’s totally different experience compare to normal 3D screen…

opening another cinema after GSC is a gamble d…got such high demand or not… IMAX wor… later MBO open again…tsk tsk…

The TGV will have Beaniplex :smiley:

Why is it a gamble? It’s better for us as the consumer…more choices…& the demand is always be there


Consumer choice is always good. However I’m not sure if the population of Miri can support 2 cineplex. GSC has set a new standard in cinema service across Sarawak!

well… for consumers and especially movie lovers, the more the merrier

anyone been to Star merdeka mall lately?

Why is it a gamble? It’s better for us as the consumer…more choices…& the demand is always be there[/quote]

yeap…juz like what Whatman said…of coz it is undeniable consumers will be happier with more choices…but for those big boss pov,not really…haha…
but I might be wrong…the opening of new cinema especially 3D ones are really attracting lots of ppl…besides, Mirian spending power is strong! :lol:

The new shopping mall is half complete. The frame of the roofing is now in progress and the connecting sky bridge to Imperial Mall is under construction.

there are still months to go…

be patient lol…

Anyone has any info of any upcoming store gonna be there?

Before that only Star, complaints no other cinema, now more coming soon, worried for them… Hmmm.
So, in order to keep them in business, Miriam & Bruneian can go everyday to watch movies, or better still watch same movie and experienced it in different cinemas.
Then Star, Gsc, Tgv, Mbo will be smiling happily

to watch the same movie in different cinema? thats hilarious…

well its nice to see new cinemas coming into Miri more choice to watch which place and also the place where they put could be near for other people who can’t go to cinemas that is located further from their housing area.