Immediate vacancy!

We an established company are currently seeking experienced and self-motivated personal to join our organization as follows:

a) Lab Technician
b) Production Technician
c) Power Gen Technician
d) Metering Technician
e) E&I Technician
f) Operations MATCO
g) Health & Safety Officer
h) Medics
i) Admin Assistant
j) Riggers/Helpers
k) Maintenance Material Controller
l) Repair Coordinator
m) Assistant Planner
n) Material Expeditor
o) Logistic Assistant
p) Logistic Coordinator
q) Warehouse Assistant

Interested candidates are invited to email detailed resume to:

i hs just browsing your company profile / website , i’d like to know if the vacancy for the post of R.O is stil open?

hi…i just sent my resume just now by my email…could you pls check it sir…thank Q

Hi…i have no exp in oil n gas. But i really want to work in oil n gas industry. Can I apply ?

just send my resume …hope to hear from you soon…thank you

Hi, I’m a new user. What company is this?

Hi, can i know the post of Admin Assistant is it still available? Thanks