Illegal timber companies - you will get caught!

No signs of any kingpins although tonnes of illegal logs are being seized everyday

by stephen then





                <div><p>It has been many months since 

    Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem declared war on corruption
    and deceit in the multi-billion ringgit illegal logging saga in Sarawak.

    he first exposed the issue early in the year, there were statements and
    comments from enforcement agencies like the Sarawak Forestry, the
    Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, police and local politicians
    supporting Adenan.

    A series of raids on illegal logging camps and seizure of logs ensued. Now, all seems so quiet at the enforcement front.

    So far, we have not heard of any illegal logging kingpins or masterminds being detected or arrested in Sarawak.

    Why? Are the forestry, MACC or police making any major headway in this war?

    illegal logging activities in the state could involve high-level
    internal conspiracies that had enabled up to RM100mil worth of illegal
    logs to be traded in the black market annually.

    Money from the illicit logging had fattened the pockets of those who plundered the natural resources from Sarawaks forests.

    rakyat have openly wondered out aloud how huge bulks of illegal logs
    could have been exported to foreign countries without being detected for

    In March, Adenan held a meeting with the enforcement
    agencies in Miri and he later told a press conference that it was a fact
    that illegal logs had been exported in bulk.

    I was informed
    that illegal logs had been taken out from our forests to ships waiting
    in the sea (South China Sea) for export overseas, he said, stressing
    that he had asked the maritime authorities to investigate the export

    At the same event, I asked him: Tan Sri, so far among
    those suspects nabbed by the Sarawak Forestry for illegal loggings, are
    there any masterminds, or are these just the small fish so to speak?

    Adenans reply was candid: Well, it will be good if they can get the mastermind.

    That statement speaks volume. It simply means that so far, no masterminds had been arrested.

    We ordinary Sarawakians are puzzled.

    Almost everyday for the past few months, tonnes of illegal logs were being seized, but who were masterminding the operations?

    today, only 29 timber workers had been nabbed. These are just the small
    fries, not the ones planning or executing the export operations.

    there must be some powerful and influential people involved for illegal
    logs to be extracted from the deep forests, shipped to the coast and
    loaded into ocean-going vessels without being stopped.

    Are there enforcement people on the take, officials paid to close their eyes?

    people like us are fed up with the fact that there could be powerful
    people plundering our resources and getting away with it.

    It is
    good to see Adenan flexing his muscle to try to stop the scourge of
    corruption and deceit and the rakyat will support him all the way.

    However, we are keenly awaiting for some big fish to be netted.

Who are these illegal logging kingpins? Anyone here dares to name them?

just a matter of time…

they may be living the ‘high life’ now with their private jets and helicopters, gold cars ect…

tomorrow they will be in jail !

how dare they steal our trees - MY FOOD!