Illegal moneylender crackdown - Ah Long's finished!

Authorities to tighten screws on illegal moneylenders with tougher Act in place
By ZORA CHAN … ec=sarawak

KUCHING: Illegal money lenders or Ah Long will not have it any easier.

The Housing and Local Government Ministrys Moneylenders and Pawnbrokers Division Sarawak Branch is bent on applying the full extent of the Moneylenders Act 1951 which was amended in 2008.

The divisions head of enforcement Ng Ah Lek said following the amendment, the ministry now had better powers to catch and prosecute Ah Long.
End of the road: An enforcement employee from Padawan Municipal Council taking down a banner put up by Ah Long at a residential area near 3rd Mile in Kuching Wednesday.

[size=150]After the Act was amended, the penalty is stiffer and those caught for lending out money illegally can be fined between RM250,000 and RM1mil,[/size] Ng told reporters during an operation to remove illegal advertisements here yesterday.

According to him, to date, no arrest has been made although the division has received several cases this year, which were referred to the polices commercial crime division for further investigations.

But based on the overall reports received, Ah Long activities in Sarawak are very much under controlled, Ng said, adding, however, that the division was ready to put the brakes on their activities.

He said the division felt that the heavier penalties and the added power of enforcement provided by the amended Act would make illegal money lending activities unattractive.

We will act tough next year, he vowed.

On the operation yesterday, Ng said Ah long should stop placing banners and stickers and distributing name cards in residential and commercial areas because these would be removed at the soonest opportunity.

The joint operation yesterday also involved the police, the Residents Office, Kuching City South Council, Kuching City North Commission and Padawan Municipal Council.

Ng also advised the public not to borrow money from Ah Long, saying these people were dangerous and merciless who will not hesitate to injure borrowers who fail to pay their loans on time.

He said [size=150]those who wish to lodge reports against Ah Long or have information pertaining to Ah Long activities, can contact the ministry at 082-258200.[/size]

On licensed moneylenders, Ng said the state had 400 of them with 122 operating in Kuching.

Licensed moneylenders are to print their permits from the issuing authority - the Residents Office - if they want to place advertisements, he said.

[i]If anyone knows the phone numbers of these Ah Long scumbags call the ministry right now and you may get a big reward!
Too scared, pm me and I will do it

Lets work together and shut down these leechers of society[/i]

in the bigger league of leeches are the commercial banks that only rolls out the red carpet for big borrowers but thumbs their noses at small businesses. try go down to any bank and inquire about micro-credit financing and see the cold shoulder responses. one particular bank responded “apa itu ,no such thing”.

the lukewarm reception is what forced small businesses to turn to ah long in the first place.

most banks do not see the bigger pictures that it is these small businesses that oils the machinery of the economy and makes up the majority category of tax paying type of businesses in this country.

Fail…still corrupted…