IGP: Accept reports or face action

Source: http://www.nst.com.my/Saturday/National/20070113082843

IGP: Accept reports or face action

There will be no exception to the rule, Tan Sri Musa Hassan said yesterday.

He said policemen who refused to do so would face disciplinary action.

“Such reports can be made at any police station and not necessarily in the same area where the complainant lives in or where the incidents have occurred.”

Musa said he had issued the instruction before and would not allow the matter to be taken lightly.

He said policemen on duty should never turn down a public request to lodge a report on the two issues at their police stations.

“They must take the report even if they think the case is too small. Those who fail to do so will be charged for dereliction of duty,” he said after making an official visit to the state police contingent headquarters here yesterday.

Musa was accompanied by his deputy, Datuk Mohd Najib Abd Aziz.

They had earlier met state police chief Datuk Abdul Razak Bokhari and his senior officers.

Musa said the police had set up a domestic violence unit in Bukit Aman with each state headquarters handling cases under the Domestic Violence Act 1994.

“The police should also get help from the Welfare Department in investigating such cases,” he said.

He said it was important for such cases to be investigated fast so as to enable the victim to get a protection order from court.

For serious cases which involved physical abuse, he said police would refer the matter to the deputy public prosecutors office for instructions.

If u got any trouble and to be safe, just report to the police. There is no ‘Red Door’ or what door so ever that can be higher than our law.

If no jalan making a report here, report to bukit AMAN. That will sure make the local police jump. Oh ya…i don;t know about you guys, if i ever want to make a police report. I make sure i bring my own man in uniform too…Ok or not bro Iqmedia? Guarantee the police will take the report.

hahaha, especially if he wears a face mask like that.

ya…say that he is part of the special force (whose identity cannot never be review)…sent from Bukit Aman to spot check on them. So they better don;t play play.

You two want to put me in jail? Ahahaha… No one is above the law. Better bring lawyer to the police station or better yet drag some politician with u.

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