Ignorant Neighbour Dog Bark Issue

This issue has been continue for years like maybe 5 years i think? I’ve been desperately trying find many ways to find the solution, so i might just skip with the old fasion “talk nicely with neighbour” because i tried few times for let them know their small low iq stupidity (perhaps owner too) all bark no bite dog especially their dog will keep barking around mainly because when it heard any stray or other houses dogs bark and worst case the bark with last over 4 ~ 5 hours and this is clearly that neighbour just don’t give a s**t how other feel. So beside poisoning the dog cause this is illegal action, i wanna ask is there anyway law in Miri or Sarawak or even Malaysia that i can find a way to sue this stupid owner once and for all so they can finally understand? or rather any malaysia website i can buy an ultrasonic divice so i can place nearby neighbour house to shut the dog bark FOREVER?

Start recording videos daily and compile, then you can make police report first for black and white, then sent report to local council and Cc copy to social media for local support for your cause. I remember when one of our ex-office worker did that and got fined the dog owner for residential disturbance. It always worked because two parties (the council and the public) can see the proof. There also law to keep residential at peace and avoid disturbance.