Igloo ice cream

anyone of you tried ice -cream at the outlet???

how is the ice-cream there??? worth the $$$$??

where is it located?

R u talking about inside Bintang Shopping Complex igloo ice cream? I also not sure where is the location …lolx

ya, in bintang mall…somewhere near to StarBuck i think

very nice.

I think not bad, very creamy and not like the normal ABC.

the ice very very fine.

ever try~ tast not bad… but for my opinion, i don think it worth its $$$…

a bit exp lor… >.<

Is nice…I heard they are coming out small size with cheaper price…Dunno has it launch already or not…but still the ice cream is unique…No place to eat this kind of ice cream before in Miri…

Cheap, worth the money. 4 stars…

love the ordering system.
one and only in miri i guess?

in my opinion, its quite okay for me… its not really expensive unless u eat it everyday which i dont think anyone would do that… eating it once in a while is reasonable. theres a Kid Cup lauched for only half the price on the normal cup

very nice… but… quite expensive… the volume isn’t much either

hmm… i love ice cream actually~ once i found it nice, i’ll try to eat as often as i could. but with the matter, price. if really expensive, really hard…


I like this ice cream, for me the price is not that expensive and I think it’s quite unique also.

I have tried something with chic floss on it, sound weird but the taste is ok.

The coconut one is quite sweet and the green tea (empssss am not sure this in this store or somewhere else) is also not bad.

Love the chocolate one very much, rich and creamy…yummy.

<3 allz…