If you only had 10 minutes

There is a natural disaster - Hurricane, Tsunami, etc heading your way and you only have 10 minutes to pack up and tell your loved ones. What would you take with you and who would you bring along and/or contact?

I would just run away with the clothing I am wearing, and later contact Miricommunity.net to see if any member make it safely. :wink:

So how come I’ve missed this post?

A natural disaster is not yet a natural disaster until it kills someone or does some damage. Therefore, if there is a hurricane warning or tsunami warning, I’d go and look for signs of it.

Hurricane by looking at the sky, and if confirmed, board up my windows and go in the house and wait.

Tsunami by going to beach and see if the sea is receding far. Then if it is, just go on top of the hill to luak.

if its a tsunami, i would take a boat and go out to the sea, or…you can climb up a hill…its safe either way…