If Pakatan Rakyat won, this is what would happen to Malaysia

Everyone in this country is fixated on when the next general election will be. It is probably the most hotly awaited news. Everyone is sure who will win. Be Enders, or so the supporters of BN are called, cannot wait to know the results. Neither can the Pakatanis, or the supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

If Anwar does trounce Prime Minister Najib Razak’s BN as he is widely expected to, the casualties at the coalition that has ruled for 5 decades would be high. There is even talk of mass capital flight and how hundreds of shredding machines have been ordered and put on standby to shred all incriminating documents. Yes, there will be ensuing chaos in the aftermath of GE-13, but that is politics. And politics can be rather dirty.

Now, Pakatanis are adamant come GE-13, it will be De End for the Be End for a full range of reasons. Hopefully, they won’t be lulled into a false sense of complacency by a recent poll that showed a sharp 6 percentage point plunge in Najib’s popularity. The battle is far from over, in fact it hasn’t even begun. So before the DAP, PAS and PKR start to count their chickens before the eggs even hatch (yes, many of the MPs and ADUNs are already congratulating themselves - gross!), they really should spend more time tightening their strategy and machinery which is still far, far from satisfactory.

But for us, normal Malaysians who are not contesting, let us envisage a future without the BN. How would life be like with the Pakatan?

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sounds too good to be true…

but only time will tell

BN will make sure the winning at any price. But if they put Anwar to jail, they’ll lost more.

yea, we can expect BN to do every dirty trick in the book to win the next GE…

Lets just hope all opposition does their homework and nail the deeds before they fly off the ground…

As long as we can stil sale babi panggang freely,i’m ok wit dat…

Mass capital flight? Lol. They can do that but I doubt they can flee the country. Like Mubarak, justice will be served once the jusdicial system is fixed. Taib realise this problem so he quickly took seat before anyone can dethrone him. Once dethrone, he will have neither say or power to declare his asset and meet judgement day.

Lucky for them there’s no AK47 sold at USD30 here.

if got, i think a certain fat toad would have 156 AK47 bullets lodged inside his fat gut…


if Nurul Izzah not angrily, unethically blame us for her “slow water flow” on her visit to miri during last election, Dr. Teo might win Senadin seat.

belum memerintah dah nak tunjuk eksen.

When( not ‘if’ ) Pakatan wins the next general election,I would love to see Nurul Izzah as the PM.I’d definitely cry with joy. I’d rather not see a chinese as PM yet as I’m afraid those trouble makers from Umno who cannot accept losing the election will cause racial troubles.Good news everyone,now you can all get ready for Pakatan to win the next general election. There will be big parties all over malaysia with people of all races hugging each other and dancing with joy in the streets.
To all those who in BN who have cheated the rakyat ( Pekmo and family be warned and many others too), we will seek the return of what you have stolen from us in courts and with the help of foreign govts to freeze your assets overseas as soon as Pakatan wins.

the writer is obviously delusional… and written by an obvious opposition supporter who aren’t thinking about what’s really achievable( i don’t mean the part where the opposition won, but rather everything else that will happen if they won…)

remember to bring TORCH LIGHTs at vote counting station.

we have been under the rule of 1 party since Merdeka…54 years, or 48 for us Sarawakians. What is the worse that could happen if we just try a new govt for awhile…5-10 years ka??? What disaster would happen??? Become a 3rd world country? we already are one…so what? Try some change la… afterall what is the use of being a democracy if we can’t do so.