If i were to bring in computer modding tools

Im planning to bring in modding tools for computer desktop… if u r interested pls vote on the above…

All selling at cheap price. Might be doing it in BULK orders.

Examples of modding tools:-

UV/Light CCFL(aka Neon) for computer. 10cm and 30cm type.
EL SATA cable, cable with lights.
LED/UV LED fans.
Molex Male and Female UV reactive socket
UV sleeving.
Water cooling tubes.
Water cooling liquid.
UV reactive tubing spring.
UV paint.
more and more…

Will post some pics asap…~ hehe…


I demand it :slight_smile:

might bring in AC Ryan stuff, Sunbeam, Cooler Master, Vantec and etc etc…~



i plan to start bring in UV Paint by AC Ryan… RM 100 for 5 bottles… different colours… haha… 1 bottle rm20 but not selling separately la…

just bring in…whether got customer or not after that, blakang kiraa…janji adaa…kehkehkeh

haha… thanks for ur support qmk9133… then will bring in some cool stuff then…

you can’t be serious, like that how to buy ._.

I no money buy sia

share with ur frens lo… ur fren wan wut colour then sell them wut colour lo… kongsi to buy lor…~ it comes in a set… so cant sell separately…


Why not cry

sry lor… 1 set item lo… in 1 packing 1… might think bout selling 1 by 1 la… but all colours must have buyers lo… dun wan keep too much stock…

hmm, I contact my friend liao.

RM80 get 4 got larr Lolx.

Really, since its UV reactive, no matter what colour it is, sure attract people XD

i need to know the demand in Miri 1st b4 bringing in…~

k no need paint, found my friend’s source, fluorenscent paint RM17 per can ahahaha.

But I still need Sunbeam UV CCFL and fan though

florescent paint cant react as nice as UV paint… i tried b4… not bright enough…

no need too bright, later eye blind lulz.

hmm, my pc oledi full of UV. but i might be interested in more if i have extra cash. heh. OF COURSE YES!!!


wow… really investors in the beauty of machines… pei fu

ok… will try bring in some item for the time being… some molex connectors… sleeves… uv paint, ccfl and so on then… stay tune…~