If got rm350 000 cash what you do?

If go cash money RM 350 000 what you do???

give ideas please :roll:

Buy Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 and A nice house :smiley:

you know any small business willing to accept investor???

built my dream house

invest house in semenanjug. house prices here in sarawak never drop since controlled by bai mao.

yes that is good to have cash now. if u keep money in fix deposit is only 2% per yers. and inflaction is higher than it, if u say invest in house or land is call solid investment it take 3 month to buy and 3 month to sell it ,time is money,and is so complecated and the cash it tided. is hard to made profit in 6 month.

what i suggest is : if u have time for 5 yers or more public mutual and share market is good, if you know how to manage if not ask a expert to do it for u.

good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Do foreign investments.

do investments,buying dream house and dream car:P

Become Along,calculate by 15% per month,whao…52,500 per month…LOL :smiley:

volvo c30

invest the Rm300k, and spend the Rm50k in modifyin my car or get a new car such as Hilux , and get a better car like Ford Mustang when i’ve earn enough from my investment

I’ll upgrade house & buy my dream car lo…
Haiz don dream liao la…
Work hard then u will get the money…
If not c when u kena toto lo…

Invest in mutual fund, invest in government’s fund, buy gold, as long as the initial RM350 000 can make more returns out from it… :idea:

dunno what to do

Give it to someone i appreciated.

buy Lancer Evo X MR, and then buy a G25…others derma to people :smiley:

RM350,000 can’t buy much these days, come to think of it. A medium sized two storey house with a fairly large compound in pujut area already costs RM400k+


Was walking around the city (sydney) the other day, had a look at a real estate dealer’s notice board. Holy shizzle, a one room tiny apartment in sydney city already costs AU$800k+. Renting the same sized tiny one room apartment costs AU$700 a week. That’s one expensive tiny place!

[quote=""]If go cash money RM 350 000 what you do???

give ideas please :roll:[/quote]

i’d recomend telling me your address of yourself, your loved ones and a convenient place for you to drop the money off to me

Trading Forex!!! That money will be double or fully loss in one day…

High risk = high income


aduh sakit palak… how to spend money ar?
Hmm… mebi… just mebi… tis why someone started the idea with starting a BANK! :mrgreen: