ICT Hardware Disposal?

May I know where is the best place in Miri for Hardware Disposal, such as damaged Monitor, CPU or old (but can be used) one?
For environment friendly purpose…

u wan sell it or just giv to other???if giv…then my house is the best place to throw those old but still can use de com… :mrgreen:

lols yong old and useless ict gadgets u wan?

Just Keep it and wait for E-Waste Recycle which is organize by Miri Computer Assiociation.

When will it be? No other suitable place for disposal?

im getting of some ict wastage any1 wanna collect?

Hey the PBSM center there got recycle center. I guess the place is suitable to dispose old ICT gadgets there.

Green rules~

Why not give it to me…i will make good use of it …diy project…

give me lor i also wan hhehe

how old are the hardware you want to dispose of?

computer associtaion !!! they count ur computer in kilo. so u CONTRIBUTE it to make the richer lah. some old stuff like sdram 512 mb ddr 512mb and some old antique item in the 286, 386 ,486 pentium era still needed in some develop countries.

if u in kl, pj area try dispost ur item at lelong.com.my

where is the location of computer association?

yeah where?
doesn’t government setup any station to collect all those stuff for better rubbish management??

:?: why u ppl want to DONATE to them? sell at 2nd shop lah better. there are alot around in miri Guarantee best price then timbang KILOs :mrgreen:

where 2nd hand shop???

lotong baru got 1.