Iban cleaner killed in Singapore

Cleaner killed in Singapore

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian cleaner was found stabbed to death at a workers’ dormitory in Singapore, news reports said yesterday.

The body of Sangga anak Runggah, 23, was discovered inside a steel storage room that doubled up as a rest area, The Straits Times said.

He had stab wounds on the chest and arms and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics on Friday.

The five-storey dormitory is home to primarily Indian and Bangladeshi labourers.

G.R. Gabriel, a security guard at a similar dormitory next door, said he was shocked when he heard about the stabbing as Sangga seemed like a quiet and hardworking man. dpa

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waulau arrr… i hope the authorities in Singapore find out exactly wat is going on la…

jst hope it wnt b like d penan headman… sum1 small, nuthin happen…sum1 big n famous,everythin dne until culprit is found… we all want fair justice!!!

So kasian … :cry: :cry: