I want to ship my car!

Anyone knows any company where it provides car shipping? I want to ship my car from miri to kota kinabalu. And do anyone knows how much and how long will it takes to arrive in kk?

i suggest u contact the local transporter to transport ur car n ask the charges…it wont take long,if u use ship…it wud tke some time especially the weather r bad…i mean rough sea n sea water…i figure the driver of the transporter who does delivering to kk got a co-driver…mayb u ask him to drive ur car to the destination n pay him some extra $$ as his tips for helpin u deliver/drive to the destination :slight_smile: hope this help

give me rm3oo plus airticket kk-miri,I drive for you /8hrs arrive :smiley:

Perhaps it is indeed better to just drive there! Less paper work and no need to wait.

what car are you intending to ship over??

that’s my last option… but my parents allow me to drive there in one condition, which is there’s a person who noes the road following… :? anyone knows?

perodua viva…

Please contact A.T. Dunia Transport. They provide vehicle transportation service.

085 660050 :slight_smile:

I called AT. They offered 1.5k for the transportation… :shock: way too expensive dy…
anyone here knows the road from miri to kk?

oh … i know who u are liaw… kekekke… find someone who knows the road loh… and don’t drive alone…

rabbitx is a mage in World of Warcraft … he looks at the car and cast “Sheep” … Pooff!!

Map- From Miri to Kota Kinabalu