I really need a job please

Hi, I am a fresh graduate major in Bsc Hon HRD from local university and i have 6 months experiences in dealing with office administration since i have been working for 6 months after i graduated. I am looking for job now. Please anyone with kind-hearted, if u know any vacant position in your company, kindly intro/ recommend to me. I just don’t want to stay unemployed. Although the position might not suit my education quali, keep no worries, i am willing to learn, i am a good and fast learner as well. Please dear friends, pm me if u know any vacant post available. Big thanks to all and May God Bless… =)

Have you found a job? If you have any interest in marketing jobs (mon - fri 9am - 5pm) please forward me a copy of your resume at tjlau87@gmail.com… thanks.