I need information about PS3 Slim ASAP!

subaru freak …

im selling my jasper flashed xbox360 , for rm 1200 , free 51 games , rechargeable battery kits viewtopic.php?f=60&t=25361[/quote]

Ouch…Im still young so really dont have that much money…Im 13 only…but hmmm…I see if I can…[/quote]

and i can provide you with the one-shoot-boot disc to play wave 4 games … hehehe …you are 13 ? cool

Wah~ So fast ler…pretty cheap in AUD, about AUD 70++? Wish I could have one piece of it. :roll:[/quote]

U pre-ordered mine for AU$118, but it’s a hardened edition (collector’s item). A bit more expensive but well worth it. You can get it for around AU$82 cheapest in stores, or around AU$70 on ebay.

Modern Warfare 2, truly mindblowing. Just gotta say it :smiley:

Yes it is…watch eh trailer also already very MIND BLASTING!!!

but this game is too short!!!Finished it in around 6 hours, WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF is this?

CoD 4, WaW, Halo 3, this one, all have short campaigns, but the hype isn’t about the campaign mode, it’s about the multiplayer mode. If you buy the game just for single player, then it ain’t fun at all. I’ve had a grand total of 5 hours of sleep since 12am 10/11/09, that’s almost 48 hours LOLOL omg. Level 32 with a sh*tty k/d ratio of 0.98 sigh.

guess the game is more to multiplayer …

Yeap…COD4 are more exciting in Multiplayer. If only play mission, of course very boring la…How’s COD6 if there’s anyone out there playing it?? Good? Will it messed up your com?

Finished the campaign already, now level 36 in multiplayer (on the 360, not pc). I doubt it’ll mess up your com if it meets the requirements to run it.

that added more reasons for me to sell myxbox360 , i need new pc so i can play mw2 , unlike xbox Live that u have to pay for it !!

modern warfare is freaking awesome…my colleague and me always play it with all the perks and weapon open…level 55 commander…love the claymore!
sorry out of topic.

hey hey. just got cod a couple of days ago. already finish the campaign. but yeah. the multiplayer mode is really great. anyone care to share their id ? we can play together akwehkwehk


im newbie… i play ninja gaiden2 and MW2 … add me ok… ID : elainash

still lvl low… wakaka… hate the joystick … first time play FPS at console… b4 play at pc alot… XD …