I need information about PS3 Slim ASAP!

:!: Im planning to buy PS3 Slim so I need some informations about PSN Network in Malaysia , firmwares, and games and yeah, Blu-Ray movies.

So, first of all, is anyone in MC.net already bought the PS3 Slim ? If some of you guys did, I wanna ask lots of question. :lol:

First of all, because of its smaller size now, does it get overheated easily. I know its using 45nm cell processors thus using less watt and produce less heat.
But, I’ve read some articles from other websites saying that it got overheated fast and the Blu-Ray game disc got hot and worried them. Is it true ?

  1. It’s about PSN. Is it true that it’s gonna be very lag ( maybe because of high latency ) when playing games online if you are playing on American or Europe servers ? How about the PSN community in Malaysia ? Is it many people playing online ? What game that is populor that has many people playing it online ? Is there a lot of people playng Fifa 10 online at PSN ?

  2. Is it true that the latest 3.00 firmware update by Sony ruined your PS3 and PS3 Slim ? I’ve seen lots of video showing that the 3.00 firmware is a no go. Even IGN says that the firmware isn’t " friendly " and it makes your PS3 Slim freezes especially on Uncharted 2. Is it true ?

  3. Can you play pirated DVD, HD-DVD, using PS3 Slim ??? :roll: :lol:

I need feedbacks ASAP !

Thank you I love ya’ll !!!

hot blu-ray is normal. i seldom play on PSN network, so cannot comment much on this. now using firmware 3.0.1, ok leh. but dunno about slim la, mine is the fat version.

and yes, u can play pirated dvd, even the old vcd.

Tumpang to know hehehe~ coz im just ordered PS3 Slim pass few day…


what’s the current lowest market price now? And where? Wanna get one too.

You will definitely lag if you play through American or European hosts. No doubt about it. It’s horrid especially for FPS games. Not too sure about the PSN community in Malaysia.

Nope, not yet.


Nope, not yet.[/quote]

u mean cannot play it on ps3 slim?


Nope, not yet.[/quote]

u mean cannot play it on ps3 slim?[/quote]

Oh wait, my bad, i thought he said pirated games. I’m pretty sure you can play pirated DVDs on ps3 slim. Oh and also, from what I’ve heard, ps3 slim can’t play ps2 games.

went to look for one at the summit this afternoon…was surprise to see that the 120gig slim is cheaper than the PSP Go…anybody hear play call of duty 4: modern warfare…the multiplayer is bloody addictive…cant wait for modern warfare 2

zul , do you own a ps3 slim ??

u can play pirated dvd… but that will destroy ur lens… its better not to…

why is that ?

Really want to buy all this kind of stuff…but my parents dont let…but Im happy with my computer really can play alot of game now I have 5 games in my computer but I really need a game console like this Xbox360,PS3…

subaru freak …

im selling my jasper flashed xbox360 , for rm 1200 , free 51 games , rechargeable battery kits viewtopic.php?f=60&t=25361

Playing on PSN will definitely lag, but it all depends on who hosts the game. I’ve played in Asian hosted games, eg: philipines, thailand etc, it is very good with minimal lag, no need to explain for malaysianhosted ones im sure. Hosters from generally europe, south america are horrible! Americans hosters stillokay, abit lag but playable but once more player joins in you feel thepain. Well th good thing is, its free to play on the PSN!

About pirated stuffs, i find it weird because some of the dvd can be played some cannot. I’m not sure as to why. CDs and mp3s are okay. AVI movies are great! ps3 can be used as a media extender for all your downloaded movie files!!

You should def buy the ps3 slim as it is very cheap now! I regret buying the old one, so expensive and so bulky sumore!

Me too but in PC…havent played any version of COD, but it’s addictive.

subaru freak …

im selling my jasper flashed xbox360 , for rm 1200 , free 51 games , rechargeable battery kits http://www.miricommunity.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=25361[/quote]

Ouch…Im still young so really dont have that much money…Im 13 only…but hmmm…I see if I can…

i like modern warfare 2 very very much! can play as terrorist and unload your carnage in an airport loaded with people. I personally like lobbing the bomb at the middle of the crowd and see them explode and die!It makes you feel like well, whatever because human lives are expendable, a rapid tap of heavy arms and they squel and die like cocroaches. very satisfying on a stress day =D

MW2 out in around 1 more hour here in australia. Gonna drive down to EB games to get my copy at 12am, can’t wait.

Wah~ So fast ler…pretty cheap in AUD, about AUD 70++? Wish I could have one piece of it. :roll: