I need a fulltime/partime jobs .. urgent!

I need a fulltime or partime job …

Age : 18
Eligibility : PMR/SPM Passes
Ability : Microsoft Office Excel/Word/Windows Movie Makers/Know About Handphone/Aptitude to learn and grasp new concepts and adept well in changing environment
Exprience : Sales Assitant/Promoter/Cashier/Exp Working In Handphone Shop

Other Questions ? Please Contact Me…

Interest To Invite Me ? :roll: Contact Me Neoapplez1894@gmail.com

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What job are you seeking for now my brother? Free bumps for u. !

Jobs That Can Make Me ‘Goyang Kaki’

None of the boss in this world will pay u for “Goyang Kaki”, right?

I’m afraid you misunderstood . I’m post that msg to ihateleechers … But , ‘goyang kaki’ also got pay … Got a lot of work in this world either bad or good . Not impossible had that kind of work got worr ^^.But rarely


expected salary?

your offer sir ?

location n working hour??? pm me…


PM or Email your CV to me! tonymoly.miri@gmail.com