I keep having to re-log back in

Even though I never logged out, I keep having to log back in even with the ‘remember me’ option checked. Sometimes it happens right after I close the broswer.

Happens with IE (on Windows), Firefox (on Windows), Firefox (on Mac), Camino (on Mac), Safari (on Mac) and Firefox (on Linux) so I’m pretty sure it’s not a client-side problem.

Anyone else experiencing the same problems?

Btw, my cookies aren’t set to self destruct upon closing either…

Nope, not an issue with me because it works here…

Jack, what’s the expiration like for the cookies?

It does happened to mine too recently…I just thought it was due to streamyx side…

yea it happened a few times to me too…but not always

Happens at random, not always - on more than one occasion it happens right after I close the browser.

not happening to me… since i log on and leave it on 24/7 when i m working…

I get the same problem at my office, only I can’t even log in.
But at home, no problem.

I’m getting the same kind of problem too these days - it’s mainly because of streamyx’s reconnection and reassignment of new IP address for those using dynamic IP address. PHPBB uses both sessions (to keep track of logged in users, IP address, etc.) and cookies (to keep track of the session ID). When a user with a logged-in cookie visits the site, the session routine would do a quick check to see if this session ID stated in your cookie is still using the same IP address recorded in the database earlier. If not, the system will terminate your last session which is using the old IP address and tells you to relogin again - this is mainly a security measure. If you’re on a connection using static IP address (e.g. big corporate offices, platforms, etc.), then I’m sure you won’t experience much this problem.