I don't know why big companies do these things -

Read it, and laugh/cry whichever you fancy. First Sony, now Dell

Dell Charges $49 to Remove Their Own Spyware

"I recently purchased a new Dell computer. Previously I made a promise with myself to never purchase a Windows based computer again, but due to work-related complications I had no choice. The Dell arrived three days after I ordered it, which was great considering the shipping was free.

Fearing that my computer would become infected with a virus within 12 minutes, my first line of order was to purchase and install anti-virus software. Once that was finished, my next task was to delete the unnecessary programs that come pre-installed on the machine. Having purchased a Dell before, I was well aware that Dell computers ship full of bloat. I anticipated to find garbage such as AOL coach, Dell Picture Studio and Internet Explorer. What I was shocked to find, however, was My Way Search Assistant."

Continued here.
http://www.michaelrighi.com/2005/07/21/ … re-my-way/

Got Money
Problem about buying a “packaged” computers (desktops, laptops etc) are… They’re usually loaded with unnessary craps and bloated apps though some are useful, really and you’re paying extra for… a brand.

No Money
Awareness on D-I-Y PCs picking up fast and their lego-like easy assembly allows even more people with the ease to purchase it “by parts”. I guess no one have problems in assembling own PCs nowadays, except those that prefers a branded ready made PCs… Branded is and are ok but no money… ? Try to go buy few parts and assemble it, one might learn great deal of stuff there as well :smiley: