I am HOT!

Okay guys, i did not mean I am physically :hot" I mean temperature “hot”!!

It is 40-ish degree here today, tell me how would you kill the heat besides skinny deeping in the pool? :shock: Haaa…

I am drinking ice cold James Boag to kill the thirs and heat! :shock: (Im taking the risk of getting “beer belly”!!) Pah…

HELP! :roll:

Stef, if u r in town, then I can go swimming with you lah…I might go swimming later. See how first! Hahaha…coz it’s very hot today. 8)

:frowning: yessss! i miss our swimming session!!! :frowning: pah…

Use air-conditioner :shock:

I hate those hot and humit days. But Brizzy is going to rain for the whole week…!!!

take a shower

you need it

Turn your air conditioner to the lowest temperature…

Been there and done all of that. Useless. Sesh…im cooked - Well done!

hottie !

Will this scenery help??

Gulp! Yes a little bit Ying Yang…:frowning:

I think u need some morphine :twisted: … coz that was below freezing and it helps u little onli… :shock: :shock: :shock:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

40 deg is not hot

go to Dubai

I hear (never tried) that having lots of plants in and outside the home will help lower temperatures… and also dousing the curtains with cold water will help if you do not own an air-conditioner

Erm, all of my plants dried out…

it’s time for a big ice box shopping for u =P

own home made winter place wee~~~~~~~~

i think we should move this topic to Eastern Siberia la… its - 33 C over there now… :lol:

is i think we should move this topic to d beach…
& get a nice bikini babe pic? :mrgreen: