Hunt for killer crocodile called off


Hunt for killer crocodile called off

The reason: Their search is beginning to resemble a bloodbath.

The New Straits Times has learnt that several non-governmental organisations made their displeasure known to the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) after Hatta Abidin hacked a reptile on Sunday.

The father of the 12-year-old boy threatened SFC officials who warned him that it was an offence to kill the crocodile.

He grabbed a parang and sliced open its stomach. He, however, found no trace of his son, Mohd Azuan Hatta.

There was no repeat of Sundays butchery after two more crocodiles were snared in a trap in Sungai Tupai yesterday. The presence of policemen and wildlife officers at the village jetty prevented a repeat of those ugly scenes.

Wildlife officers quickly transported the crocodiles to the Matang wildlife sanctuary, where the larger crocodile was cut open in the presence of Hatta.

A few strands of hair and a pair of underwear was found in the stomach of the 5-metre male crocodile.

Hatta could not confirm if the underwear belonged to his son.

The hair will be sent for DNA testing to determine if it is human.

The smaller crocodile had its stomach flushed out. Nothing was found. The pair of crocodiles may be the last to be caught and killed in Kampung Bako.

“We plan to end the hunt,” SFC general manager Wilfred Landong said.

The sight of the crocodile being hacked on Sunday also affected Sajali Abang, the man credited with trapping the reptile.

“Our duty was to catch the crocodile and bring it to the authorities. We must not kill these animals. Leave it to the authorities,” he said.

Sajali, better known as Bujang Abong, yesterday removed all the traps he laid in Sungai Tupai.

“Its over for me. My work is done,” he said.

Finally some words from the authority !


Crocky :
1 kid (no solid evidence)

Dead Kid’s Father, Bomoh,Villagers, Forestry Department :
4 dogs, 3 innocent crocodiles