Humor photography

What do these road signs represent?

Ok, I was just bored plus I wanted to take these long ago.

cali eh

hahahahaaahahah…these cracked me up alot…


Beware of three snakes following your car.


i received dat funny road sign ages ago.
still cheeky n funny

ian: funny lar. got more?


There’s one more but wasn’t able to take a pic of it properly. I’ll keep updating, thanks for the comments. :smiley:

all are good! lolz…

Spy vs. Spy!

hahahahahahahah…or it could be like… “It is hazardous to poke people while crossing the road…”

Can be anything you want it to be. I originally wanted to put “1/2 the Beatles”.



nice one… but where is it?


nice one… but where is it?[/quote]


no idea, got it from e-mail ooo… :shock:

Hahahaha good one! I suppose they could bend the whole road gently instead of abruptly going around that tree.