Hulk & iron man

have you guys watches the latest hulk movie? this year punya. Must be watch already yeah… heheh, just asking :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, after re-watching till the end of the movie, l can’ wait for the next HULK & IRON MAN.

it must be real Incredible movie yeah… what u guys think about it? will it become too mix up? or it will be cool watching both good side fighting against each other? hahah… l hope they using the same actor coz the previous HULK & the latest 2008 hulk is not the same actor… l hope the next in preparation for an eventual “Avengers” movie, Liv Tyler will be in in too. That means Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury will make a cameo appearance in May 2’s “Iron Man,” ahhaha, isn’t it cool?!

what bout u guys, what’s the comment? will it great movie by then?

found this web page saying about these movie " William Hurt Says New Hulk Is More Heroic, Reveals Iron Man Crossover Scene "

Check it out … tory.jhtml

Look forward to that. Hope the next movie can watch at K.L, Miri sound system really make the movie not incredible liaw. :mrgreen:

I would say it is possible but no definite.

i prefer spiderman will join it too!!!

Then … don’t miss the Batman.

I’m simply looking forward to a more movies about the Marvel universe as a whole. It’s won’t be a Iron Man and Hulk movie, from the looks of both movies… I believe they are gonna do an Avengers movie. Since they’ve already introduced Nick Fury in Iron Man, talking about the Avengers Initiative.

You will see that the first members of the Avengers were Thor, Ant Man, Iron Man & Hulk. Can’t wait to see who they get to play Thor…should be interesting. =)

Batman is part of the DC Universe, but of course there was a a Marvel & DC crossover before. But I think there will a long wait before such a movie will come around…I am however, hoping they make a Superman & Batman movie…with Wonder Woman… =)

guess, u all like the SUPER SUPER staff ar… heheh… but superman actor now & days seems unreal… the material are not as real as previous superman… hmm…

How do you mean unreal?

If you mean that it seems that Superman’s abilities seem more incredible than the old one, then that is definitely not the case. In fact, I would say that the new Superman is closer to the one in the comic books.

As for loving SUPER SUPER stuff, I used to collect comic books, so I am a geek in that sense for sure. I still have most of my collection…worth ~4-5k USD. Some really rare items in there…and all in perfect condition. I can’t bear to sell them. LOL!!