HUJAN band family

i need u all to judge this one

u all know “HUJAN” band right? so this is the story what they did to me by their family today.

so, on last tuesday, they come to my restaurant and ask me to do catering for them. on the first day, they ask daging masak kicap for 20 pax. i charge them 100. the cost for that dish is 80. i only get 20 ringgit profit. after they receive the dish, they complaint that its too little. i tell them that the food cost for the dish and they ask me to make it a bit more around 30 pax for the next menu without increasing the price.

the next day they take sweet and sour with which they satisfied. it is because for 50 ringgit dish, my cost is 45 ringgit. i just keep quiet.

the really f*cked up thing is today. 10 am they call me to double up the quantity. i say to them the dish for this afternoon done already but for tonight i certainly can double up the dish. after a while they call me to make 2 dish for 150 pax each. i ask them 5 times wheather confirm or not. they say confirm. so i go out n buy 250 numbers of fish and 13kg beef. the cost for the fish is 60 ringgit and the beef cost me 200 ringgit. when the time they pick up the afternoon dish, i ask them one more time whearter confirm or not the 150 pax for tonight. they once again, confirm it.

suddenly, on 1230 pm, the mother call me and tell me to reduce the pax to 100. i say i cant coz all the things i buy already. she keep arguing with me and tell me she will call back later. on 1 pm the mother call me again and this time tell me to make the dish not for 150 pax but 150 ringgit. i tell her that all the things i buy already for 150 pax. they cant do that. she say she want only 150 ringgit beef and 100 ringgit fish. my beef cost me 200 and the fish already 60. total up 260 already. this is not include all the herbs and oil and the little things. they keep arguing dont want to make 150 pax. and then they say they want to discuss once again.

on 2pm they call me and tell me they CANCEL the order and just want to pay for the 3 dish that im already sent. i tell them, how about all the stuff i already bought. they say that im a restaurant and should be no problem to sell those things. have u all ever see a restaurant cook 250 piece of fish for their nasi campur? i keep arguing and ask them to pay just the cost price of the catering for tonight and they can take all the things. they still arguing and she sent her daughter to pay me the 200 and left. i keep calling them to ask them to pay for the cost and take them. on 3pm her mother tell me that they still discuss about that and she say that she will never cheat me.

on 4pm i call her and her daughter for few times but they didnt pick up the phone. after few times, a guy answered the phone and tell me they will not pay. he say that they tell me early that they want to cancel it. he after that hang up the phone and right after that they say that i charge them too much. for ur information, food a beef dish, usually people will charge 4 ringgit to 5 ringgit per head. this is because of the beef is expensive.

now, i cant do anything and in my fridge there is 200 piece of fish waiting to be rotten and 13 kg beef.

so, what u all think?

u mean HUJAN family is from miri?? thats not important but u should get some downpayment from them next time. there are people who likes to do thing like that, end of the day, we are the one rugi

i think…you can held a promotion for cheaper price tonite…or chia me eat for damn one this hujan family…not responsible at all and selfish…take it easy

Hujan Band? i nvr heard of this band. band from msia?

Hujan from miri ???

so kiapsap one geh, the fish can last inside the fridge gua

The Singer is from Miri…

… 200 piece of fish?.. o_O . can make ikan masin to preserve it.btw, the Ppl who called to make the order r vy irresponsible .

really? the lead singer of hujan is from miri? Didn’t know that.

Anyway, this is actually a case of having a stupid customer - doesn’t matter if family of a malaysian band or not. This is direct family or what? auntie? uncle?

I dont think that their family’s action should be related to the band (even tho the band has got very negative comments lately coz of their attitude - just google to find out)

dont forget about Youtube either…hehe…bt everyone hv their on negative…

no matter what it is over already they mungkir janji…how the owner of shop to tanggung the rugian?

yup…so rugi…call the LAWYERS…!!!

but it is not rugi if you give free for us as promotion…or chia we eat tomorrow using that fishes

so bad man… they shouldn’t do like that… pity you…

This kind of people useless one…
next time dont layan these kinda ppl…
spread the word…so what if you’re family member is an artist…doesnt mean that u can act so irresponsible…haih…

the person who deal with me was his mom and his sister.

i thought they are artist family so they will jaga their reputation. and about the down payment, how i want to ask if they ask really last minute? i just can rely on trust. but this what happen. they cancel the order 3 hour b4 pick up time. really2 piss off la today. some more i have to pay my workers salary and rent. and i just open the restaurant for two months. u all know that it takes time to gain profit start from scratch. :cry: :cry: :cry:

so how you want to cover and manage the fish?rugian how you cover?

I really hate it when ppl cancel things last minute…
what more to say in ur situation, it involves money sumore…
To make things worst, it is abt food…and food cannot sell to other ppl next day or some other day…
my parents are in the food business too…
i really feel for u man…

mmmm…I knew the mother…Is she really like that? :expressionless:

nasilemak junior, inform us your location. I will cover the food hunting project include your place. Will help you promote your place.

if u didnt believe me, u can come to my restaurant n look inside my chiller.
i didnt make out this story. this happen today and i really still piss off right now.
the way the mother talk to me, i also didnt believe that they will do this thing.

and the best part is, after the arguing they tell me i overcharge them. they say there are some charges that are not logic.
what charges that are not logic to them? i just ask them to take all the raw material and pay me the exact amount what i already spend. what is not logic about that?

i also did ask some of my friend who have restaurants, and they say they charge the same price as me.
some more, i give them extra coz they say its not enough.
this is what i get when being nice?