How was TGV Miri?

(whatman) #1

Anyone test drive the new cinema at Imperial Mall? How is it compared to GSC?

(lace) #2

open ady ?

(whatman) #3

I don’t think its officially open but maybe a test run. Yesterday TGV had free screening at 5pm. I went there but no more free seats.

(lace) #4

ok lets see who test liaw tell us
wee! i wan to go try also !
lols hope it dont disspoint us
my last experience on the the parkson 1 was
when i went to buy ticket
the ticket seller tell me aircond rosak lu mau ka?
run also no road a

(Anhelicoodle) #5

Lols. Barang baru usually okay.

(lace) #6

this tgv got couple sit like in kl 1?

(BlackHyppo) #7

How good it is then? Wanna know too, when i come back home i can go skodeng TGV…

(GTSW20) #8

good or not good depend on who you go with :mrgreen:

(Dhanifahrian) #9

i’m already go there twice… luckily my friend is working there…

the environment still not good… lot of renovation still running.

love the seat in cinema… try already the couple seat… maybe beanieplex next…

ticket a bit expensive from GSC…

(kicrexayz) #10

owkay, thank you for this post, i also wanna know how is the new cinema…~

(wgn_white) #11

I went there for an impulse watch, but the staff politely said they don’t have 3D yet.
So I say, “next time” to him.

But from what I learn, the price is way expensive for standard 2D screening.
I think they want to sell out the “exclusive” feeling when you watch the movie.

In my opinion, TGV suitable for date only.

But then, go on movie for a date is not very good unless you both really wanna watch that movie. Don’t make it as the “main course” of your date.

(mike88) #12

feels like they open TGV for the sake of opening… i’ll skip TGV for another 6mths for them to catch up with all the required reno works and stuff… macam garage when go ther…

(MiriBoyz) #13

Agree. Mcm garage. Some walls or beam not painted yet. GSC popcorn still better than TGV popcorn.

(whatman) #14

So I took the time to go to TGV:

Ticket price is an issue, really high compared to GSC Lite. But then this is not the ‘lite’ version of cineplex. You can get slightly cheaper if you are a Movie Club member but still nowhere cheap as GSC Lite.

The sound and picture quality was very good, and I say somewhat slightly better than GSC Lite but maybe because its new. The seats are comfortable, and feels high class. Floor all carpet. I can say feels better than GSC Lite, and the way seats are arrange you don’t worry about someone tall blocking your view.

The food is a huge downside. Very expensive, and drinks comes close to RM5 per cup. A set of popcorn & drink for one person approach RM10!

Toilet was nice too.

The cinema is not 100% complete but its not a big deal as it has nothing to do with watching the movie.

(I.D) #15

To me, overall, apart from the ‘not done’ environment like everyone said here, as a movie lover, I like this cinema.

Cool air conditioners (must wear jacket no matter you male or female, its like a freezer in there!)
Spacious seat and leg room (if you still feel anyone kicking your seat in TGV, means that person do it purposely! Impossible you can kick seat in front of you in TGV, except if you are Yao Ming or Peter Crouch, haha)
Seat very comfortable, huge, just nice the size and not crampy like other cinemas.

As for F&B part, at first I also feel expensive for that one person popcorn meal which costs RM10.90 if im not mistaken but the size is big! Much more bigger than other cinema. The popcorn taste nice too, my opinion.

All these actually they did mention in their advertisement everywhere. PREMIER cinema ma. So of cos price slightly higher lo. Can other cinema offer this kind of experience although cheaper?

Lastly, TGV screen is so much clearer. SUPER HD! So so clear until its so enjoyable watching any movies. This is what I like the most. Plus, got Movie Club as well, which is, we can collect points and redeem free movie tickets. Better than get nothing in return if you really watch movie frequently right? (Membership really does attract, hahaha)

This is all just my personal opinion. To me, just because of the Movie Club membership alone, I will choose to watch movies at TGV from now onwards. Cheers all my MCNET frens!

(kicrexayz) #16
@whatman the ticket price really an issue... as a student cant afford that much. and plus i heard when GST is applied, you got to pay more for going to cinema..
gonna be hard time for cinema industry at here.
(DMsia) #17

Personally I think Cinemas will not be the only industry hurting when GST kicks in…

All we can do is, Brace for IMPACT!

p.s :- feel like checking TGV out, regardless of price… haha

(I.D) #18

@DMsia you should! Fully recommended! :smile: