How to..?

I accidentally moved a private message on my Facebook to the archives. How do I retrieve it? Thanks. :slight_smile:

On your home page, look for ‘Messages’ on the left pane. Left click ‘Messages’. You should see ‘Inbox’ , ‘Other’ and ‘More’. Click ‘More’ then ‘Archived’. You should be able to see the conversation being archived.
Bring cursor to the arrow pointed left upward of the archived conversation, a message ‘Unarchive’ pops up, click it. The conversation should be back to the 'Inbox’now.
Hope this help. Good luck.

Thanks stay1. But I just couldn’t do it. Could it be that the app. of Facebook on my iPad works differently? Appreciate any further assistance. :slight_smile:

Have you tried using a PC? Facebook mobile do have its limitation.

Oh why didn’t I think of that! :o So it’s done perfectly. Thank you stay1 for your assistance. :smiley:

Happy you had a Happy Ending :mrgreen: :mrgreen: