How to use this forum

You may post any group/association/organization/government/parties/etc related announcements or discussions here in the Miri Community to gain publicity. The best format for your subject header should be something like the following example to get the best results:


  1. Blue Cross : Fund raising jumble sale
  2. Charity Club : Annual dinner
  3. Proton Wira Club : Gathering this week
  4. Scooter Club : Touring Sarawak
  5. Sailing Club : Valentine’s Dinner party
  6. For Sale : Cancer Awareness Organization dinner tickets
  7. Art : Workshop this weekend. Free admission!
  8. Business Association : Business planning seminar
  9. Roman Catholics : Free introduction lessons

The same format also applies to query postings:


  1. Charity : Where to participate?
  2. AIDS organization : Point of contact in Miri
  3. Woman’s Rights : Want to form a group?
  4. Car Mod Team : How to join?
  5. Old Folk’s Shelter : How to contribute?