How to transfer Xbox360 .iso to External HDD on Mac?

Happy Holiday All. :slight_smile:

Desperately need help. :slight_smile: hehehehe Now sure if this is the right place to post this topic or not. :slight_smile:
Just got my Xbox 360 Kinect 2 days ago + 500GB External Hard Disk Drive with 30 games pre-installed/transferred!
So far it’s a killer. Loving it. :slight_smile: This is my very very first console game I own since my love for ATTARI! (Yes I am that old already! and yes, it is that sad!) hahaha

Anyway, what annoys me is that - I have downloaded some games myself. After extraction, it turn out to be a .iso file.
Now, how in the world do I them transfer to my HDD?
(I don’t want to have them burned onto a dual layer disk.)

It just seems so weird at the moment cause I haven’t had a clue.
I tried to google it, but I can’t just seems to find any tutorial out of it.
Mainly because I probably still have no idea what are the right keywords to search.

I thought I could just download, open the .iso file and transfer all the content to my HDD.
But that does not seems to be the case.
Once extracted the .iso file - there’s just a few files in it. Where did the rest go?
The size of the .iso file is about 8GB. But once extracted, it only consist about 50mb of files.
hmmmm… ???

Therefore, what should I be looking at?
Third party software? I am using a Mac by the way.
Would appreciate it if you guys can help to shed some light. :slight_smile:

Thank you.