How to tackle a girl from west Malaysia

Hi I just make known q girl from KL. She is quite pretty and less socialised. Yet she like to chat with guys through What’s app, that’s why she always stay at home rather than going out. We were coincidently met each other in KK airport then the rest of time we net is on What’s app. So we used to chat with whatsapp for a month or more. Now I cant find any methods that can catch her interest to finally take me as her final affinity. Any suggestions to tackle a West Mly girl most effectively? :?: :roll:

meet her up . go west and look for her. :mrgreen:

give me her number
i help u :smiley:

I’m been a jerk here,
How to tackle a girl

  1. Rugby union rules do not allow tackles above the plane of the shoulders. Only the player who has possession of the ball can be tackled. The attacker must also attempt to wrap his or her arms around the player being tackled: merely pushing the player being tackled to ground with a shoulder is illegal. If a maul or ruck is formed, a player may not “ram” into the formation without first binding to the players
    2.In American football, tacklers are not required to wrap their arms around the ball carrier before bringing him to the ground; in fact, the ball carrier is often “tackled” by the defender taking a running start and hitting the ball carrier to knock him to the ground. Tackles can also be made by grabbing the ball carrier’s jersey and pulling him to the ground (though pulling down a ball carrier from behind by the pads or jersey behind his neck is known as a “horse collar”, a move now illegal at all levels of the American game). If a ball carrier is stopped for more than a few seconds, the referee can blow the whistle, declare the player’s forward progress stopped, and end the play even though the ball carrier is not actually tackled to the ground.
    But if you want to court a girl you need to get advice from Dr.Love. :smiley:

west malay girl? dayummmm

just rmb to tackle her with ur studs high

How to tackle? Lulz. Wear a trenchcoat and stand outside her window holding one of those bigass old school radio blaring lovesongs. Better during rain.

dude - no money no talk.

This is really pessimistic though it is real