HOW TO: Recover deleted files in a phone

Well as the title says… i accidentally deleted some notes in my Nokia phone. Does anyone know any way to recover/retrieve this? Need help ASAP

Are they actual files in the memory card or are they certain string of data inside a file? If it’s the latter (ie new file overwritting old) it couldn’t be helped.

Erm not files in the memory card… you know … the notes… function in Nokia phones… its one of those…

I’m not familiar with how Nokia notes work - but if it’s like most phones all the data stored could be stored or appended in single files, in which case it might be harder to retrieve it.

Perhaps others more familiar in this could help.

Is ur nokia running Symbian OS operation?

yaya should be Symbian 60. Its Nokia 3250

Tru instal the file manager 3rd party software and try find the root of the file if it work. But if file save on MMC card will be more easy to recover.

file manager 3rd party software? any links?

sorry i dun have the link, u can try search with google, if im not wrong the software name is SELECT Q

thnx for the info lim pek…i might use it inthe future too…