How to justify and What is your expectation to consider as a good car tires?

Nowadays, there are a ton of tire brands and should we justify a good tires?
by price? by brand? by noisy? performance? or water resistance?
kindly drop your standard and expectation or you can drop us your previous and current tire experience as well.

think price and quality are an important thing. Not every cheap goods have low quality. Be a smart consumer. The first thing I do when research is I know my budget, but even more, know what I am looking for.

I like Continental brand, but the price too costly and over my budget. So now I use the Achilles ATR Sport. So far the performance is good and I think everyone can afford to buy this brand as the price quite cheap.

For me I drive once in a blue moon.
So I don’t care about it, as long it is cheap then I will pick it, but ofcoz even I rarely drive I still sent it on time for maintenance.

Totally agreed with Johnny. For me price is the major concern, I will first determine what’s my requirement and then survey the models and pick it from the price range that I can afford. Currently on Viking City Tech. So far my experience with Viking is ok, less noise and more durable compared to older version of tire.

In my pervious experience with Viking is the price is cheap but the performance it quite okay and i used for 3 years also not problem. I found that viking is using germany technology and it’s also under continental as well so the quality won’t be bad or trouble.

if don’t check for your car condition fluently might be dangerous especially the tire without tire tread
it might cause the car lost control or brake not function at all

Price is also my concern when selecting tyre brand.

One day after witnessing a car lose control along the Borneo highway before ending up on its side in a lowered grass ditch/verge, I decided that the cost of good tyres is going to be cheaper than body work repairs and/or health bills.

Someone old/wise once told me that tyres are the only contact between car and road. Without the reassurance of roadworthy tyres, best to drive real slow and short distances.