How to get to the public swimming pool by city bus?

I live in Senadin area and have no own transportation.
Would like to have a swim sometimes but I don’t know which city bus can take me there…
Any suggestions?
Thanks! :smiley:

u just take a bus from senadin…any bus as the bus can stop at bintang plaza/parkson…from parkson u just can walk to the Miri City fan around 15minute…and the pool just very near the city fan…beside u swimming u can walking also as your exercise…hehe… :smiley:

True…Just take any bus going to the City…Permyjaya, Senadin, Kuala Baram bus will do because if every bus will pass by Parkson bus stop (Beside Poliklinik/Shell station) Then walk to City fan lo *Is Senadin before or after Permyjaya??? lol epic failed me :smiley: *

I see… lol ya thanks for the help! :smiley: