How to Complain about the Neighbours Attitude

Hi all,
Is anyone know how to complain & to which department should i look for the log a complain about my neighbour? They park their car next to my house which they are not suppose to park. Their house is located the opposite of my house.
Thank you.

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I came across a similar situation last year whereby my neighbor were rearing chickens that produced a lot of bad smell and a dog that barks all night. I forward my complain to Talikhidmat Sarawak:

Tell them your problem, they will forward it to the relevant authority for action. Hope this will help

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Reading from the news below, perhaps this could fall under inappropriate parking “enforcement” if doing it thru Talikhidmat? Do share if it works - there are plenty of long-term parked cars in neighborhoods that needs moving because it pose potential hazards to people.

Of the complaints, road maintenance topped the list at 3,254 (26 per cent), followed by drainage (2,648), landscape (1,773), cleanliness (908) and enforcement (885).

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Hi Chas,
Thank you for your respond.