How to change template from Blogspot?

I have trouble in changing template in my Blogspot. I dun wan to existing template.

I try to download a blogskin and paste the html code into the edit template, but its not working. Does anyone know what to do?

Maybe i did stg wrong?

Thanks so much for your guidance!!!

I’m not familiar at all with Blogspot, but someone might be able to help. I thought they have some place where you can choose the template layouts?

at the tools setting there.

I’ve tried to change by copy n paste the new codes as well. But, the template doens’t suit my current page setting. All my stuffs and link disappeared coz the new template only support its own design stuff but not others. Weird!!! So I wasted half day to reset my template back to old one and all my links n stuffs. So, i just stick to the old template. So troublesome la Mary!!!

Mary… I don’t know anything about blogspot… But, all I want to say is…

What a cool Avatar you have!! lol…

hey guys…
thanks for the effort cracking yr head.

i have the similar prob as flor, but i totally cant fix in the html code… dunno why… and dunno how…

thyrius- i love tat avatar too~

I guess you have to read all the htlml properly and i am sure they wil mention it clearly where is for what.
I have no problem changing my template but of coz it used up a day of mine just to understand how it really works. :slight_smile:

Just spend a free day working on it it will work.
Understand the whole commands and its just awesome…
HAVE FUN. :slight_smile:

berngo, probably i’m not tat good in html, but i’ve ask my it friend to check, he also say dunno. :frowning: