How to become famous on youtube?

Maybe not famous but at least get reasonable views? It seems like my videos only ever get about 500 views at most. I am not sure why. Maybe I am tagging them wrong? Anyone have some tips for me?

It is a very hard thing to do. Every year that passes it becomes even harder. If you started back in 2006, you would have stood a chance,

I believe you are right - there are just too many home-made videos on YouTube now. Will your videos go viral or you become popular if you record yourself doing extreme stuff? I think the usual vlog just doesn’t cut it anymore unless it is a niche topic.

I think if your video does not have pretty bubbly girls, it will be a hard sell. However, it will be an instant hit if you have cute cats or kittens doing hilarious acts. :wink:

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Anything that draws negative attention seems to be the thing to go for these days, as sad as that is.